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Hydrogen Research Heats Up: New Process Could Lead to Low Emissions and High Value By-Products

A University of Alberta research team is working with Calgary-based Innova Hydrogen to extract hydrogen and high-demand carbon products from natural gas, while emitting less carbon dioxide in the process. [Read more]

Apr. 13, 2022

Source: University of Alberta


Innova Hydrogen and University of Alberta Awarded $1.2 Million Grant


Innova Hydrogen Corp., in partnership with the University of Alberta, announces that a joint research project has been approved and awarded $1.2 million in non-repayable funds by the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council ("NSERC") Alliance and Mitacs Accelerate Grants Program. [Read more]

Mar. 24, 2022

Source: Innova Hydrogen Corp.

Innova Hydrogen Announces Successful Results of Initial Prototype and Analysis of Hydrogen, Graphite and Graphene Produced


Innova Hydrogen Corp. announces that following the successful design, construction and testing of its prototype reactor, the Company has analyzed the outputs and has positive results to report. [Read more]

Oct. 7, 2021

Source: Innova Hydrogen Corp.

Innova Hydrogen Announces Closing of Its $2.1 Million Private Placement


Innova Hydrogen Corp. announces that it has closed a non-brokered private placement of common shares for gross proceeds of $2.1 million. As a result of strong investor demand, the Company increased the aggregate offering size. [Read more]

June 22, 2021

Source: Innova Hydrogen Corp.

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Alberta on the Path to a Bright Hydrogen Future


Alberta is presenting a plan of action to create jobs and reduce emissions with the release of the Alberta Hydrogen Roadmap, which outlines the enormous opportunity for government, industry and municipalities to grow Alberta’s hydrogen sector and position the province as an international leader in clean hydrogen. [Read more]

Nov. 5, 2021

Source: Government of Alberta


Mitsubishi and Shell Sign MoU to Collaborate on Hydrogen Plans in Alberta


Mitsubishi and Shell have signed a Memorandum of Understanding relating to the production of low-carbon hydrogen near Edmonton, Canada. [Read more]

Sept. 8, 2021

Source: Mitsubishi


Clean Hydrogen Megaprojects in Alberta Could Trigger Big Energy Industry Expansion


Canada – and specifically the region near Edmonton known as Alberta’s Industrial Heartland – has a particularly compelling set of features that offer promise to become a hydrogen leader. [Read more]

July 30, 2021

Source: Canadian Energy Centre

Minister O'Regan Launches $1.5-Billion Clean Fuels Fund to Grow Clean Fuels Market across Canada


Honourable Seamus O'Regan Jr., Minister of Natural Resources, officially launched the $1.5-billion Clean Fuels Fund with a call for proposals for projects that increase Canada's capacity to produce clean fuels. [Read more]

June 21, 2021

Source: Business Insider

Fuel of the Future? What Hydrogen Can (and Can't) Do for Canada


Worldwide, the hydrogen industry could be worth $11 trillion by 2050, including a $50-billion sector in Canada employing 350,000 people. [Read more]

June 16, 2021

Source: The Weather Network

Government Collaboration Supporting the Future of Alberta’s Clean Hydrogen Sector 


Governments are working together to help Canadians seize economic opportunities, including jobs, in the area of clean fuels and other low-emission products. [Read more]

June 9, 2021

Source: Government of Canada

Achieving Net Zero: What is Turquoise Hydrogen?


Turquoise hydrogen has been touted as a game changer. One major factor here is that the methane pyrolysis process does not result in any CO₂ emissions, so there is no need to invest in carbon capture facilities and no need to worry about where to store it. [Read more]

June 7, 2021

Source: Spectra

Ottawa Invests in Alberta Hydrogen Fueling Station for Trucks 


The federal government on Thursday announced a $2.3-million investment in the Alberta Zero-Emissions Truck Electrification Collaboration (AZETEC) project. [Read more]

June 3, 2021

Source: Truck News

New Task Force to Create Framework to Advance Hydrogen Economy in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland


Picture Alberta using and supplying the world with zero-emission fuel made by upgrading natural gas. This could be a part of a very strong future for Alberta and Canada. [Read more]

May 14, 2021

Source: The Transition Accelerator

Suncor and ATCO Partner on Potential World-Scale Clean Hydrogen Project in Alberta


The decision to collaborate on the project follows welcome messages of support from both the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta for emission-reduction projects and infrastructure. [Read more]

May 11, 2021

Source: Suncor

‘The Race Is On’ as Alberta Launches Canada’s First Hydrogen Hub


Canada’s first hydrogen hub launched just outside Edmonton, a $2-million effort that will act as a focal point for developing a domestic industry that is projected to be worth $50-billion to $100-billion each year by 2050. [Read more]

Apr. 14, 2021

Source: The Globe and Mail

‘Hydrogen Fervour’: The Technology Breathing Hope into Alberta’s Industrial Heartland


It’s been called a “$100 billion opportunity” for Alberta, “a game changer for Albertans” and it’s estimated this new industry could supply nearly a fifth of global energy demand. [Read more]

Apr. 13, 2021

Source: The Narwhal

Canada’s Hydrogen Sector Pushes Natural Gas as Part of Climate Solution


Canada’s burgeoning hydrogen industry is pushing for natural gas to play a major role in the production of hydrogen. [Read more]

Apr. 4, 2021

Source: The Globe and Mail

Canada and Germany Sign Green-Energy Deal in Bid to Power Fledgling Hydrogen Sectors


Canada and Germany have signed an agreement to team up on green energy innovation and trade, with an eye to hydrogen as the market for the low-carbon fuel heats up. [Read more]

Mar. 16, 2021

Source: The Globe and Mail

Minister O'Regan Launches Hydrogen Strategy for Canada


Canada's Minister of Natural Resources launched the Hydrogen Strategy for Canada, an ambitious framework that seeks to position Canada as a global hydrogen leader, cementing this low-carbon and zero-emission fuel technology as a key part of our path to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. [Read more]

Dec. 16, 2020

Source: Natural Resources Canada

Natural Gas Industry Recognizes the Growing Importance of Hydrogen


Canada has many sources of energy that can be used to produce hydrogen but perhaps the most promising in terms of abundance and affordability is natural gas. [Read more]

Nov. 9, 2020

Source: CGA Energy Magazine

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